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Copier lease

Leasing a copier allows businesses to sign an agreement with a leasing company in order to rent out a copy machine for a lower cost than if it was bought new.

Why lease a copier?

One of the main reasons why a business prefers to lease rather than purchase one is because of the cost. Brand new machines from manufacturers such as HP, Kyocera, Ricoh, Canon, Brother, Sharp, and more can range from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on what specific features are included in the copier model.

Conversely, leasing a previously used, but fully functional photocopier of the same model usually costs between $800 and $3,600, considerably less than a business purchasing a brand new unit.copier leasing Many leases will also include the parts and labor to keep that copier running smoothly, further increasing cost savings for businesses.

In this difficult economic climate, businesses need to cut back on costs wherever possible. Copier leasing compared to purchasing brand new units can make financial sense for many businesses to both increase their productivity and reduce their operating costs.

Before you decide to lease…

Before deciding to lease, consider the following questions to determine if it is a smart financial decision for your business:

  • How many copies are you expecting to make per month? If the number is under 700 copies a month, instead of going for a rental, your better option would be to purchase your own small office machine.
  • What specific features does your business need in order to be productive? Paying for features that your business will not use is a waste of your financial resources and operating budget, which will negate the competitive advantages that leasing can bring to a business.
  • What specific “parts” are covered? Not all vendors define “parts” in the exact same way – some parts will be covered by some vendors, while other vendors will not cover them. It's important to compare different rates by examining all terms and conditions and weighing them against each other to lease the right copier at the right price for your business.

By leasing a previously used copy machine, businesses gain all of the capabilities of a copier without having to pay the high cost of purchasing a brand new machine. This enables them to increase their productivity while minimizing the impact on their financial resources and operating budgets. You should carefully evaluate all terms and conditions of each agreement in order to obtain the best copier at the best price for your business.

Copier lease rates people paid

Price paid: $170/month
Pricing details: "Will be leasing a Sharp MX-2600N unit. Our other copier died."

- Buyer from Marlborough, MA

Price paid: $119/month
Pricing details: "Got a good lease on a Ricoh that does color copying as well."

- Buyer from Riverside, CA

Price paid: $250/month
Pricing details: "Signed for a Xerox lease on a color copier. Copies in high speed, better that we rent it than buy it - too expensive to buy."

- Buyer from Franklin Square, NY

Price paid: $230/month
Pricing details: "Will lease a black and white Canon, to replace our older Canon."

- Buyer from Strasburg, CO

Price paid: $200/month
Pricing details: "We needed a leasing option. We were able to deal with Canon for $200 monthly on a black and white new copier."

- Buyer from Watseka, IL

Price paid: $239/month
Pricing details: "Leasing a Konica Minolta high-volume machine. It's great because we’d never be able to afford this new."

- Buyer from Danvers, MA

Price paid: $350/month
Pricing details: "Our office needed a new contract with a different company… Decided to lease an HP copier, a black and white copy machine."

- Buyer from South Dennis, MA

Price paid: $500/month
Pricing details: "High volume photocopier lease, from Kyocera. A CopyStar machine that's black and white, copies at 30 pages per minute."

- Buyer from Wyoming, RI

Price paid: $310/month
Pricing details: "We will be leasing a Savin black and white high volume copier, high speed."

- Buyer from Shawano, WI

What other people are looking for

We are interested in leasing a photocopier that has the capabilities to copy/scan/print/fax. Our volume is <500 a month.

- Construction/General Contracting Industry, Bellaire, TX

I'm looking for a monthly rental.

- Real Estate Industry, Las Vegas, NV

I have a client in the Boston MA area that is looking to lease two color copiers, one must have scanning capabilities as well and both of them need to have printing capabilities.

- Business Services, Norton, MA

Need to know what the going rates are. Mostly interested in a 60 month deal for 40ppm with supplies and services included.

- Manufacturing, Los Angeles, CA

We are looking for information on a lease. The machine would need to fit the current space that we have. Looking for a high quality printing machine.

- Non-Profit, Menlo Park, CA

We are only interested in a copier for 18 months. We would like it to be a copier/printer/scanner.

- Construction/General Contracting Industry, Corona, CA

We are only interested in a copier lease. We are a local church and our current contract is about to expire and we are looking to get a better deal.

- Non-Profit, Anaheim, CA

We are looking for information on different rental rates for approx.10,000 b&w copies and 5,000 color copies a month.

- Health Care Industry, Downey, CA

My company is only interested in copy machine lease rates.

- Legal, Milwaukee, WI

My company is a talent agency that is in the process of putting together our first office location. We need to know what the going rental rates are currently. We need these leasing rates so that we can set out budget accurately.

- Media/Entertainment/Publishing Industry, Belmont, CA

We are a start-up company and we are looking for the average copier lease rates.

- Business Services Company, Lewisville, NC

Our company is looking for information on different leasing options.

- Non-Profit, Greenville, NC

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