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Kyocera copiers

One of the highest selling Kyocera copiers is a machine that has the ability to fax, scan, and copy documents across a network – a multifunction machine. It can also act as a standalone printer, scanner, and copy machine with email functionality.

The value for a business

With multifunction machines, businesses gain the ability to print, scan, and copy their important documents, along with the ability to email them. In addition, Kyocera copiers give a business the ability to fax, scan, and copy those same documents across its internal network using an Ethernet connection.

kyocera copiers

The ability to have these features over an internal network can boost a business' productivity while saving on time and money. For instance, if several employees are working on a project, a photocopier that is connected to the company's network will enable those employees to copy, scan, and/or fax a specific document at one employee's workstation and instantly transmit it to another employee's workstation.

Instead of having to copy the document, print it out, and walk over to his/her colleague's workstation to deliver it, it can be directly delivered over the network to his/her colleague, saving time and money, especially in terms of paper and toner usage costs.

Questions to ask

To determine which specific model will best fit the requirements of your business, you should consider the following questions:

  • How many copies will you make per month?
  • How quickly do you need to make them (taking into account your budget)?
  • Will copying to a maximum paper size of A4 suffice, or do you need a copier that can copy to larger sizes as well?
  • Do you need specialized features such as duplexing (double-sided printing)?

Cost benefits

In these tough economic times, it can be hard for businesses to purchase copiers to improve their productivity. Fortunately, Kyocera offers leases enabling these businesses to gain the benefits of their copy machines without having to purchase them, saving the business money.

By getting a multifunction unit, businesses gain increased productivity while decreasing the amount of time and money spent on faxing, copying, scanning, and printing out important documents. Businesses can gain these benefits while avoiding the high costs of purchasing copiers by leasing from the company. Remember to carefully evaluate what specific features you need to improve their productivity before investing.

Kyocera copiers prices people paid

Price paid: $6,000
Pricing details: "Found a used Kyocera color photocopier printer scanner for $6000."

- Buyer from Beltsville, MD

Price paid: $2,999
Pricing details: "We bought a color printer scanner copy machine by Kyocera; a CopyStar CS-2560 black and white machine. Copies over 30,000 pages a month."

- Buyer from Denver, CO

Price paid: $3,962.28
Pricing details: "We were looking for a copier printer scanner and found the best price in the FSC2126 model. It also prints in color.

- Buyer from Beltsville, MD

Price paid: $1,500
Pricing details: "Decided to buy from Kyocera. Chose the 1128 black and white copier."

- Buyer from Cedar Park, TX

Price paid: $2,800
Pricing details: "Purchased a used Kyocera, makes color copies at 25 ppm."

- Buyer from Birmingham, AL

Price paid: $865.85
Pricing details: "We were able to buy a high speed Kyocera copier used for only $865.85. It's a 1028MFP."

- Buyer from San Mateo, CA

Price paid: $2,999
Pricing details: "High speed copier cost us about $3000. It is a CopyStar CS-2560 that does black and white documents."

- Buyer from Denver, CO

Price paid: $7,140
Pricing details: "Purchased a new color copy machine from Kyocera copiers for our office."

- Buyer from Seymour, CT

Price paid: $8,000
Pricing details: "I found a new color Kyocera unit for $8000. It's a high speed copier as well."

- Buyer from Taylorville, IL

Price paid: $1,000
Pricing details: "Wanted to buy only a used machine, found a $1000 Kyocera, black and white copies, low volume."

- Buyer from Salem, OR

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Interested in leasing several office copy machines. Mostly interested in leasing rates at the current time.

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