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Savin copiers

Savin copiers combine digital laser-quality copying, productive printing, and powerful Super G3 Fax capabilities into one single multifunction unit. Savin is a company that became a wholly owned sales subsidiary when it was acquired by Ricoh Company in 1995.

Why businesses choose Savin

savin copiers

When businesses use Savin copy machines, they are getting high-quality pieces of machinery that can not only copy and print important documents, but can also enable businesses to fax those documents to anywhere in the world.

There are specific models that give multifunction options to businesses, including built-in PC printing, electronic collation, scanning to email, and more. They also produce high-rated copiers that provide built-in modems, larger capacity paper trays, additional paper trays, and higher production speeds so that businesses can really produce documents and reports at a high output level.

Savin color copiers have one of the best consumer review records in the photocopier market. In fact, the C3030 color machine prints as fast in color as it does in black and white. Having the capability to produce copies in color is a great advantage, as the business can produce pie graphs and other documents that rely on color for maximum impact in-house without having to send those documents out to a publishing or shipping company. There are also savings on ink costs, since laser toners produce more page outputs than ink cartridges do.

How to save money

As with most business-class copiers, brand new Savin copy machines retail from between $5,000 to $40,000. Especially in these difficult economic times, a lot of companies may struggle to add that expense to their operating budgets. Fortunately, they do not have to buy a brand new unit to obtain the benefits of a copier.

There are several leasing companies that you can use to lease these specific machines. These copiers are in good to very good condition, and the leases enable companies to pay considerably less to have these productive machines in their offices. In fact, leasing may only cost between $800 to $3,600, - a fraction of what it would cost to purchase.

Companies can gain increased productivity while using less time and money by using Savin photocopiers. These copy machines provide advanced capabilities such as laser-quality color copying and printing, scanning to email, and built-in modems to fax documents anywhere in the world. Leasing copiers will save on costs, thereby enabling businesses that couldn't afford to purchase to still gain the benefits these units provide.

Savin copy machine prices people paid

Price paid: $1,500
Pricing details: "Purchased a used black and white Savin copy machine, model 4022."

- Buyer from Somerville, NJ

Price paid: $310/month
Pricing details: "We will be leasing a Savin black and white high volume unit, high speed."

- Buyer from Shawano, WI

Price paid: $790
Pricing details: "Only paid $790 for a used machine. It copies black and white documents."

- Buyer from Santa Rosa, CA

What other people are looking for

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Looking for some color copy machine reviews for my small packing and shipping store. I am not expecting my volume to be high in the beginning so I am looking for a machine that is appropriate for my volume.

- Retail, Kansas City, MO

Our company is currently looking into a Savin lease. We prefer pricing on the C2828.

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We are looking for some photocopier reviews on a good quality economic machine with a finisher, specifically for Savin and Canon as well. We are looking for some leasing options.

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We are needing some color copier reviews for a machine that will be able to help us publish some of our literature that we package with our products.

- Health Care, Augusta, GA

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